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Services for High Net Worth Individuals, Business Owners and Employees

Private Advisory Department

The Private Advisory Department (“PAD”) of SMBC specializes in products and services that meet the diverse requirements of business owners and high net worth individuals.

Operations of this department consist of three services. One is our personalized support services for Business and Asset Transfers. We combine the extensive knowledge of our own staff, accumulated over the years of experience, with the professional input of our alliance partners, including major tax accountancy firms. The next service is our Private Banking Services which includes comprehensive financial services for managing clients’ financial assets. These services are also offered in cooperation with our alliance partners. The last service is our Workplace Banking Services to support the HR strategies of our corporate clients. This particular service consists of providing assistance with the creation of employees’ savings plan; other employees financial benefit programs; and the Defined-Contribution Pension Plan.

In working with other SMBC Group companies and alliance partners, PAD provides consistently diversified products and services by serving our clients as “One Bank.” This allows PAD to cover numerous types of needs involving both individual and corporate clients.

Support for Business and Asset Transfers

PAD specialists prepare personalized proposals for clients having concerns associated with business and asset transfers. We hold various seminars to provide timely information and advices to business owners on diverse issues.

Private Banking

PAD offers our clients all-inclusive financial advisory services concerning their financial assets, according to their financial goals and needs, by offering comprehensive financial services such as making proposals for their asset allocation or personalized asset management.

In June 2010, SMBC began offering new services in alliance with Nikko Cordial Securities and Barclays PLC.

Workplace Banking

In order to assist our corporate clients on issues related to HR strategy, PAD offers the diversified financial products and

Workplace Banking

services offered by SMBC to support out corporate clients with the creation of employee financial benefit programs and Defined-Contribution Pension Plan.Employers may offer to their employees SMBC products and services to support their financial goals or life plan.