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Upgrading Services for Midsized Companies and SMEs

SMFG is strengthening its service lineup for listed and non-listed companies to provide solutions required for the increasingly sophisticated and diverse management issues faced by corporate clients. The establishment of the Corporate Advisory Division by SMBC in April 2006 was a major step in this direction. Forming this division involved the integration and realignment of several departments at SMBC that apply their advisory capabilities to serving corporate customers. The new division functions as a marketing unit that supports the activities of the Middle Market Banking Unit and the Corporate Banking Unit.

The Corporate Advisory Division, which has bases in Tokyo and Osaka, comprises a staff of approximately 140 professionals who form groups targeting specific industries. The division provides a centralized platform for SMBC’s knowledge and information concerning a wide range of industries. Leveraging this know-how, the Corporate Advisory Division, together with the Corporate Business Offices of the Corporate Banking Unit, creates a project team for each project, working in collaboration with the Investment Banking Unit, the International Banking Unit, credit departments, research departments, relevant headquarters, and other Group companies, to propose to our customers strategies to increase their corporate value. This process makes it possible to identify customer needs that had not been readily apparent. Through this approach, the new division aims to offer comprehensive solutions for M&A,strategic equity investment and business alliances, and other management issues of corporate clients.

For large corporations with global operations, SMFG offers highly sophisticated financial services. These services are provided mainly by SMBC’s Corporate Banking Unit, but are also backed up by the Corporate Advisory Division and the specialized skills of every Group company.

In fiscal 2006, against a background of economic recovery and substantial improvements in corporate earnings, many large companies are aggressively launching initiatives to achieve further growth. SMBC offices in Japan and overseas, along with other Group companies, are collaborating closely to accurately ascertain customer trends and devise innovative solutions to financing, settlement and other needs. SMBC also provides customers with a broad array of information, business strategies, and business propositions.

A comprehensive framework, centered on the Corporate Advisory Division, enables us to offer the best possible solutions for raising customers’ corporate value, backed by the collective resources of all Group companies. This gives SMFG a powerful means of achieving its management philosophy of “providing optimum added value to our customers and together with them achieve growth.”