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Treasury Markets

Through the Treasury Unit of SMBC, SMFG aims to offer increasingly higher value-added services to meet the ever more sophisticated and diverse needs of its clients for transac-tions in the money, foreign exchange, bond and derivatives markets.

To maintain and further increase profitability, while managing risks appropriately, the Treasury Unit focuses on the follow-ing three goals: (a) expanding transaction volume generated from its clients; (b) strengthening its asset-liability management (ALM) system and trading skills; and (c) clearly focusing on the portfolio management.

The Treasury Unit will continue working to fulfill all our clients’ market transaction needs by offering full support services of the highest quality in the industry. At the same time, by pur-suing its ALM and trading operations while controlling market and liquidity risks, the Unit will seek to generate a consistent stream of earnings by ensuring appropriate risk allocation in changing market conditions.


Issuance of US Dollar-denominated Straight lBonds in the Global Markets

In anticipation of changes in the operating environment, the Group is taking measures to diversify mid- to long-term fund procurement channels. In July 2010, SMFG issued U.S. dollar-denominated straight bonds in the global market, in addition to the United States.

Expanded Offering of Asian and Other Emerging-market Currencies

To meet our clients’ needs, we are expanding our offering of emerging-market currencies particularly for Asia. We are also committed to keeping clients fully informed of currency developments through seminars featuring economists who specialize in Asian markets and through providing informational materials related to foreign-exchange trading.