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Management Committee

Post Name Responsibility, Concurrent post
President and CEO (Representative Director) Takeshi Kunibe * Director at Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group (SMFG)
Director Koichi Miyata President (Representative Director) at SMFG
Deputy Presidents (Representative Directors) Yujiro Ito * Human Resources Dept., Human Resources Development Dept., Quality Management Dept., General Affairs Dept., Legal Dept., Administrative Services Dept., Director(Representative Director) at SMFG
Seiichiro Takahashi * Head of Treasury Unit
Nobuaki Kurumatani * Head of Investment Banking Unit, Securities Business Dept.,
Deputy President(Executive Officer) at SMFG
Masaki Tachibana * Co-Head of Wholesale Banking Unit(Planning Dept., Wholesale Banking Unit, Strategic Corporate Business Dept., Public & Financial Institutions Banking Dept., Wholesale Banking Unit), Head of Corporate Banking Division
Senior Managing Directors Kozo Ogino * Internal Audit Dept., Credit Review Dept., Human Resources Dept., Human Resources Development Dept., Director at SMFG
Jun Ohta * Public Relations Dept., Corporate Planning Dept., Financial Accounting Dept.,
Subsidiaries & Affiliates Dept., IT Innovation Dept., Transaction Business Division,
Data Management Dept., Director at SMFG
Yasuyuki Kawasaki * Co-Head of International Banking Unit(Planning Dept., International Banking Unit, Emerging Markets Business Division,
Asia Pacific, East Asia), Senior Managing Director(Executive Officer) at SMFG
Katsunori Tanizaki * IT Planning Dept., Data Management Dept., Operations Planning Dept., Operations Support Dept., Inter-Market Settlement Dept.,
IT Innovation Dept.,
Director at SMFG
Yukihiko Onishi * Head of Retail Banking Unit,
Senior Managing Director(Executive Officer) at SMFG
Koichi Noda * Risk Management Unit(Corporate Risk Management Dept., Credit & Investment Planning Dept.),
Director at SMFG
Senior Managing Directors (Executive Officers) Atsuhiko Inoue Deputy Head of Wholesale Banking Unit(Credit Administration Dept., Corporate Credit Dept.), Corporate Research Dept., Deputy Head of Investment Banking Unit(Trust Services Dept.)
Manabu Narita Head of Corporate Advisory Division,
Deputy Head of Wholesale Banking Unit(Strategic Corporate Business Dept.), Private Advisory Division,
Global Advisory Department
Fumiaki Kurahara Co-Head of Wholesale Banking Unit, Head of Global Corporate Banking Division
Makoto Takashima Co-Head of International Banking Unit(Europe, Middle East and Africa, Americas)
Managing Director
(Executive Officer)
Masahiko Oshima Deputy Head of International Banking Unit
  • * Executive Officers