SMBC Green Bond

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In October 2015, SMBC issued its first USD500 million Green Bond. The funds will finance projects that promote renewable energy, energy efficiency and resource productivity ("Eligible Green Projects"). Pending allocation to such projects, we expect to hold the net proceeds in short-term financial instruments. For more information regarding our green bond, please view our press release.

SMBC has been involved in a wide range of renewable energy project finances both in Japan and overseas. By issuing green bonds, we aim to further the sustainability and improvement of the global environment through project finance. For more information regarding our financing of renewable energy projects, please view the link.

While any Notes are outstanding, we expect to publish updates at least annually in this website detailing the allocation and use of the net proceeds of the Notes for "Eligible Green Projects". The updates may also include, where feasible, assessments of the "Green Impact" of funded Eligible Green Projects; that is, a quantitative comparison of the environmental outcomes in light of the funding and implementation of the relevant Eligible Green Projects and the environmental outcomes had the relevant projects not been funded and implemented.

Achievements in renewable energy project finance Achievements in renewable energy project finance

Use of proceeds report as of Mar.31 2016
KPMG Attestation Letter (3,210KB) PDF
Green Impact

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