Cash Management Services

Leveraging on web-based technology and the convenience which it provides, our user-friendly electronic banking solution, SMAR&TS, allows you to perform banking transactions directly from our SMAR&TS website using ordinary Internet connections.

Our electronic banking services include

Account inquiry service:

Obtain information such as account balances, statement details, maturity information and forex contract details.

File Inbox Service

Obtain electronic files (e.g. collection data, or various reports in PDF format) from SMBC in a secure and reliable manner.

Fund transfer, payroll and collection services

  • Cashier's order application.
  • Domestic batch payment (e.g. GIRO) application.
  • Domestic and cross-border funds transfer application.
  • Demand draft application
  • Fixed deposit application
  • GIRO collection application
  • Other services

Trade service

  • LC issuance and amendment of Import LC
  • Arrival notice for Export LC and collection
  • Creating applications and shipping documents for Export

Foreign exchange dealing service (S-Deal)

  • Making Outright Forward and Today Value deals
  • Inquiry of SMBC spot rates
  • Inquiry of outstanding deals
  • Perform online confirmation of phone deals

Integrated Mapping Engine (IMAGINE)

We can assist you to establish system interface between your accounting, payroll or ERP software and our electronic banking solution, so that you can enjoy straight through processing for payments and/or reconciliation of accounts receivables.

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