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SMBC has a dedicated cash management services team who will seek to understand your company's business requirements before delivering in-country and cross-border cash management solutions to you. Our extensive banking network in Asia, together with our partnership with some reputable banks, ensures that we are always able to provide you with the best solution.

Our cash management services cover the following areas;

Payment services

Our comprehensive payment services enable you to perform in-country and cross-border payment transactions with minimal hassle. Depending on your preference, you may even completely outsource your company's payment process to the bank.

Collection services

Depending on the peculiarity of each country's clearing system, we are able to assist you to expedite the deposit of funds, and to provide you with remittance and accounts reconciliation information on a timely basis.

Liquidity management

We have the necessary expertise to provide you with customised solutions to maximise the utilisation of group funds, and to improve the interest returns on such funds. At the same time, you would be able to enjoy a leaner consolidated balance sheet with reduced external borrowings.

Electronic banking

Our electronic banking solution, Sumitomo Mitsui Advance Report & Transfer Service (SMAR&TS), allows you to perform round-the-clock banking transactions in a secure network environment or through the Internet.

SWIFT Direct Connectivity for Corporates

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Trade service

With the commitment to continuously improve our Trade Service, we have developed a range of solution which will allow you to create Trade related applications or documents in a conveninet manner, and to receive timely arrival notice for Export LC and Collection.

Treasury service

Through "S-Deal" which is a foreign exchange inquiry and dealing service available in SMAR&TS, you will be able to receive real-time quotations of foreign exchange rates, make deals online, and inquire your outstanding deals.

In addition to our core cash management services, we would be happy to assist you to implement regional treasury solutions in Asia, such as the setting up of Regional Treasury Centres, Proxy Settlement Centres, Re-invoicing Centres and In-house Banks. We have the knowledge and experience to advise you on local regulations and tax issues, as well as the necessary network to provide the banking services to support these regional treasury solutions.

  • Due to different regulations, the above products available will differ per country. Please feel free to contact our local branch for further information.


- Global Transaction Banking Department - Asia Pacific
- Transaction Banking Solutions Department, Asia Pacific Division

(65) 6882-0000

Asia Pacific

- Singapore Branch

(65) 6882-0000

- Hong Kong Branch

(852) 2206-2000

- Bangkok Branch

(66) 2-353-8000

- Taipei Branch

(886) 2-2720-8100

- Ho Chi Minh City Branch

(84) 8-3520-2525

- Hanoi Branch

(84) 4-3946-1100

- New Delhi Branch

(91) 11-4768-9111

- Seoul Branch

(82) 2-6364-7000

- Sydney Branch

(61) 2-9376-1800

- Yangon Branch

(95) 1-2307380

- Manila Branch

(63) 2-880-7100

- PT Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Indonesia

(62) 21-522-7011

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Malaysia Berhad

(60) 3-2176-1500

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (China) Limited
- Cash Management & Settlement Dept. - China (Shanghai)

(86) 21-3860-9000

SMBC China

- Shanghai Puxi Sub-Branch

(86) 21-2219-8000

- Beijing Branch

(86) 10-5920-4500

- Guangzhou Branch

(86) 20-3819-1888

- Hangzhou Branch

(86) 571-2889-1111

- Suzhou Branch

(86) 512-6606-6500

- Suzhou Industrial Park Sub-Branch

(86) 512-6288-5018

- Changshu Sub-Branch

(86) 512-5235-5553

- Shenyang Branch

(86) 24-3128-7000

- Shenzhen Branch

(86) 755-2383-0980

- Tianjin Branch

(86) 22-2330-6677

- Tianjin Binhai Sub-Branch

(86) 22-6622-6677

- Chongqing Branch

(86) 23-8812-5300

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