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Custody and Securities Services

Global Securities Business Department ("GSBD") provides innovative custody, clearing and settlement, collateral management, BOJ cash clearing in regard to securities clearing and settlement, issuing and paying agent services to foreign investors both inside and outside of Japan.

Custody Services

Clearing and Settlement Services

Collateral Management

BOJ Cash Clearing in regard to Securities Clearing and Settlement

Issuing and Paying Agent

SMBC also provides a wide range of services related to Securities Services.

Yen Clearing Services

Yen Custody Services

GSBD provides a wide range of custody services based on a highly advanced system. Not satisfied with the success we have achieved over the last 50 years, we have continuously made additional investments into our resourses to provide top quality services to meet our client's needs.

As one of the leading industry players, SMBC's custody services have achieved the "Global Outperformer" and "Category Outperformer" status in the Agent Banks in Major Markets Survey conducted in the year 2014 by the Global Custodian Magazine.

GSBD annually receives an independent SAS 70 (ISAE3402 / SSAE16) audit.

High Processing Capability

  • High STP("Straight Through Processing") ratio in processing your instruction by SWIFT
  • On-line linked with major market settlement infrastructures

Corporate Action Information Service

  • We provide you with corporate action information through SWIFT and via website.

Proxy Voting Service

  • Proxy Voting Desk dedicated to the provision of high quality proxy voting services
  • Schedules and agenda of general shareholders' meetings available in English via SWIFT.

Customized report matching client's needs

  • Monthly MIS reports for your accounts
  • Summary of account activities, STP ratio, non-STP analysis, etc

Customer Service( in English)

  • Expertise with regard to the Japanese market to support your business.
  • Proficient customer service officers
  • Main officer and back-up assigned to each client to ensure service continuity
  • Flexible communication according to client needs: telephone, e-mail, fax etc.


Clearing and Settlement Services

GSBD provides Clearing and Settlement Services to process large volume of transactions.

High Processing Capability

  • High STP ratio
  • On-line linked with major market settlement infrastructures

File instruction Service

Internet Web Service

  • Real time account monitoring through our website


Collateral Management

GSBD provides collateral management services through the dematerialized environment. These include:

  • Management of pledgee's rights
  • Management of shareholder's rights for pledge founder, etc.

BOJ Cash Clearing linked to Securities Clearing and Settlement

GSBD offers the BOJ ("Bank of JAPAN") Current Account Settlement structure. With this structure, customers will be able to execute JPY cash payments on an RTGS basis through the BOJ-Net without opening it's own BOJ current account.

High Processing Capability

  • SMBC executes customer's instruction through proprietary client/server system on STP basis.
  • Time designated payment, which is standard in JPY call market, will also be manageable without manual intervention.

Issuing and Paying Agent

GSBD offers exceptional services to Samurai bond issuers because of our abundant experience and know-how cultivated in the domestic corporate bond market.

SMBC has over ninety years of experience in providing agency service in the domestic corporate bond market and entered the Samurai bond market more than thirty years ago, the outset of the market, taking advantage of its experience cultivated in the domestic corporate bond market.

As a result, SMBC has consistently won Samurai bond mandates by matching issuer needs under severe competition.

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Yen Clearing Services

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC) is committed to providing speedy and accurate Japanese Yen clearing services, making us one of the most competitive banks in the industry. SMBC actively participates in industry organizations such as SWIFT, CLS Bank and is a direct member of local networks (BOJ Net, Foreign Exchange Yen Clearing System (FXYCS), Zengin System, etc.). Combining professional expertise and vast experience, we serve over 2,500 correspondent banks. Of these banks, approximately 1,000 have Yen accounts with SMBC.

WEB Reporting Service
Real time account monitoring through our website

Continuous Linked Settlement
SMBC is a major CLS Yen Nostro Agent.

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