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SMBC's Global Client Business Department ("GCBD"), staffed with highly experienced English-speaking personnel, will work with you to solve any issues you may have in banking.

SMBC provides cutting edge financial services and products such as cash management service ("CMS"), off-balance sheet finance, foreign exchange, syndicated loans, and derivatives.

- Aim of Global Client Business Department

Global Client Business Department was established in January 1999 with the specific purpose of supporting the operations of multi-national companies in Japan. The Japanese economy is one of largest in the world, and many companies from overseas are penetrating into Japan. Our mission is to support those companies in our home country, Japan.

- Services Provided by GCBD

We provide all kinds of services from investment banking to commercial banking.
We put a special emphasis on cash management service. We believe we offer one of the most advanced technologies in Japan.

Also, SMBC has many group companies that play a leading role in investment banking, leasing, credit card business, and other areas. We work closely with these group companies to satisfy our customers' requirements.

- Characteristic of Japanese Banking Practices

Japan has a unique way of settlement or clearing. Understanding this settlement method is very important for our clients to do business in Japan. We offer clear explanation to our client's questions about Japanese banking practices.

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- Notable Transactions

"Your best local banking partner" is our motto. Our extensive global banking experience and network enable us to provide leading-edge solutions with a global perspective to help multinational corporations achieve best practice in cash management.
We were chosen as the sole local cash management service bank for a major U.S. corporation with more than 40 operations in Japan. The key to our success is our solution building approach. We closely work with our clients to examine their operations for ways to streamline local banking operation and enhance cash management efficiency.
We also have the expertise to meet the borrowing needs of multinational corporations. We have arranged syndicated loans for a major U.K. merchandise company and a major U.S. industrial REIT, and arranged a private placement for a leading German company.

- Advantage of GCBD as Your Local Banking Partner

In addition to high quality service, effective communication is essential in building optimal solution. GCBD is staffed with highly experienced multilingual personnel that enable our department to communicate closely with our clients and their overseas office (i.e. regional HQ and/or parent company), and our overseas branch network and bank partners ensure seamless operation.

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