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SMBC is a top tier Asian bank with a longstanding history of Sumitomo and Mitsui Group dating back to more than two centuries. SMBC and its core group of companies offer a broad range of financial services comprising payments, collections, liquidity management and trade services. With a proven track record and extensive presence in Asia, SMBC is one of the leading regional providers of transaction banking services.

Cash Management Services

SMBC offers comprehensive regional and local cash management services in order to meet the diverse requirements of our corporate clients:

  • Payment Services
  • Collection Services
  • Liquidity Management Services
  • Treasury Management Services
  • Online Banking Services
  • SWIFT for Corporates

Our cash management services cover the following areas;

Payment services

Our comprehensive payment solutions seek to streamline your operations by eliminating the manual tasks involved in making payment and reduce your processing cost.

Collection services

Our receivables management solution leverages on SMBC's extensive Asia network, complemented by our partnership with alliance banks, to support your regional and local collection requirement.

Our solution ensures that receivables are collected in an efficient and timely manner so as to unlock your working capital. The result of reduced cost through better receivables and risk management will improve profitability for your business.

Liquidity management

Our comprehensive liquidity management solution helps to improve cash visibility and control, manage risk, and obtain timely information.

Treasury Management Services

SMAR&TS Treasury is SMBC's proprietary Treasury Management System which is a multibank platform aimed at providing a complete overview of all your banking transactions and balances with SMBC and other banks.

Through a single log in to SMAR&TS, you will have access to a platform that consolidates all your bank statements and provides full visibility of your cash positions, including bank accounts that you may have with other banks. Through SMAR&TS Treasury, you can also generate cash flow forecast reports and easy-to-use charts and graphs. Based on the data and forecast generated, SMAR&TS Treasury supports timely and optimal strategic planning as well as the streamlining of your company's Treasury Operations.

SMAR&TS Treasury supports the following:

  • Balance and transaction reporting
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Inter-company loans/deposits
  • Bank loan/deposit
  • FX management
  • In-house banking
  • Netting
  • Pooling report

Online Banking Services

Leveraging on web-based technology and the convenience which it provides, our user friendly SMAR&TS allows you to perform banking transactions conveniently from wherever you are.

SWIFT Direct Connectivity for Corporates

Through the SWIFT connectivity, our clients can send payment instructions to / receive bank statements from SMBC in SWIFT FIN and FileAct (including ISO 20022 XML format).

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  • As the product offerings may differ by country, please contact our local branch for further information.


- Global Transaction Banking Department - Asia Pacific
- Transaction Banking Solutions Department, Asia Pacific Division

(65) 6882-0000

Asia Pacific

- Singapore Branch

(65) 6882-0000

- Hong Kong Branch

(852) 2206-2000

- Bangkok Branch

(66) 2-353-8000

- Taipei Branch

(886) 2-2720-8100

- Ho Chi Minh City Branch

(84) 28-3520-2525

- Hanoi Branch

(84) 24-3946-1100

- New Delhi Branch

(91) 11-4768-9111

- Seoul Branch

(82) 2-6364-7000

- Sydney Branch

(61) 2-9376-1800

- Yangon Branch

(95) 1-2307380

- Manila Branch

(63) 2-880-7100

- PT Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Indonesia

(62) 21-8086-2500

- Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Malaysia Berhad

(60) 3-2176-1500

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (China) Limited
- Cash Management & Settlement Dept. - China (Shanghai)

(86) 21-3860-9000

SMBC China

- Shanghai Puxi Sub-Branch

(86) 21-2219-8000

- Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone Sub-Branch

(86) 21-2067-0200

- Beijing Branch

(86) 10-5920-4500

- Guangzhou Branch

(86) 20-3819-1888

- Hangzhou Branch

(86) 571-2889-1111

- Suzhou Branch

(86) 512-6606-6500

- Suzhou Industrial Park Sub-Branch

(86) 512-6288-5018

- Changshu Sub-Branch

(86) 512-5235-5553

- Kunshan Sub-Branch

(86) 512-3687-0588

- Shenyang Branch

(86) 24-3128-7000

- Shenzhen Branch

(86) 755-2383-0980

- Tianjin Branch

(86) 22-2330-6677

- Tianjin Binhai Sub-Branch

(86) 22-6622-6677

- Chongqing Branch

(86) 23-8812-5300

- Dalian Branch

(86) 411-3905-8500

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