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We are mindful of that corporations are always concerned about the efficiency and effectiveness of the cash collection process in Asia. We understand that you desire to (1) collect funds securely on a timely basis, and (2) reduce the manual processes required to manage your accounts receivables.

With your requirements in mind, we have developed the appropriate collection solutions for you:

Incoming funds notification by e-mail

For your earliest information, we will notify you of inward funds remittance through e-mail.

GIRO collection service

We will assist you to collect your accounts receivable based on your GIRO instructions, and all funds will be directly credited to your designated bank account.

Virtual account service

You will be able to identify your incoming funds easily and perform reconciliation of your accounts receivables.

Upcountry cheque collection service (Thailand)

Through our partnership with local banks, we will help you to expedite the cheque clearing process when you deposit upcountry cheques with SMBC.
We will also provide you with collection reports to enable you to monitor the status of the cheque clearing and to facilitate your easy reconciliation of your accounts receivables.

Nation- wide branch deposit service (Thailand)

You may deposit cheques with SMBC by presenting them at any of the nation-wide branches of our partner banks. The cheque clearing process will be expedited and we will provide you with timely collection reports.

Bill Collection Service - BPAY (Australia)

Your customers will be able to make bill payments to you from their bank accounts or credit cards, through the Internet or Phone banking service offered by their banks. We will credit the funds to you for same-day value, and you will be able to access the electronic collection data securely from the next morning via our electronic banking service, SMAR&TS.

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