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SMBC's cash management services team, which comprised members with diversified banking, consulting and professional background, will examine your group's requirements before developing customised liquidity management solutions for you. We endeavour to help you to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Better interest returns on the group's cash balances.
  2. Better utilisation of group funds, leading to reduced external borrowing costs.
  3. Tax efficient arrangement for the group, taking into consideration income tax, withholding tax, double tax relief, and other indirect taxes such as specific business tax.
  4. Compliance with local regulation such as foreign exchange controls.
  5. Minimization of your Consolidated Balance Sheet.

Our available liquidity management techniques include:

Short-term investment

Auto-investment scheme
Where permitted by local regulations and depending on your business requirements, we will structure auto-investment schemes to enable you to earn higher interest rates on your current account balances.

Account structuring involving multiple entities

Under a zero-balancing arrangement, we will sweep the account balances of all participating companies into a designated "master account" at the end of each day, with reverse sweeping on the following morning. While we will only compute and pay interest on the net balance to the "master account", depending on your preference, we are able to assist you to re-allocate interest from the master account to each participating account.
Other forms of sweeping arrangement such as target balancing are also available.

If there are substantial cross-border inter-company transactions, you may wish to implement netting arrangement to help you streamline your intra-group payment process. This will help you to reduce the number of costly cross-border payment transactions as well as the related foreign exchange charges.

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