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By combining the use of technology and traditional process, SMBC allows you to initiate payment applications and track payment status in a most convenient manner.

Our Payment services include:

Cashier's order issuance and delivery service

We will receive payment instructions from you either through our electronic banking system or through direct interface with your accounts payable system. We will issue the cashier's order on your behalf and depending on your preference, will arrange for the cashier's order to be sent to your Customers directly, returned to you for your onward dispatch, or arrange for collection by you or your payee at pre-specified locations (e.g. SMBC counters, branches of partner banks, or counters set up near Custom Department).

Local payment scheme (e.g. GIRO) & Domestic and cross-border funds transfer (e.g. internal transfer, telegraphic transfer etc)

You may make use of our electronic banking systems to initiate batch payment and funds transfer applications, as well as to check the status of such payment applications.

Payroll service

Directly or through our partnership with reputable local banks in certain countries, you may subscribe to our payroll service which allows you to credit staff salaries to the individual bank account of your employees.

Direct credit service

Under the alliance with reputable local banks in certain countries, you may utilize the direct credit service which is a cheap and efficient form of domestic payment service.

Cheque Printing Servise

We can provide you with a desktop solution to enable you to print your cheques in an easy and convenient manner. What's more, this service will alllow you to keep records of all the printed cheques, and to monitor whether each cheque has been presented to and cleared by the Clearing House.

Other value added services

In certain countries where domestic withholding taxes are imposed on local payments, you may outsource the preparation of withholding tax certificates to SMBC.
In addition, in certain countries, you may request SMBC to send payment advices to your beneficiaries through e-mail or fax.

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