Trade Finance

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SMBC has the expertise to deliver and execute trade financing deals across continents.
SMBC is an unbeatable banking partner that fullfills all banking needs in today's complex & competitive market.

What are the advantages of Trade Finance

Risk Hedging

Export to developing countries / New transactions / Middle & Long term finance / Introduction of risk hedging management system

Customer Support

Support to importer by providing longer usance / Countermeasure to competitors / No importer underwriting

Financial Advantages

Reduction of debt by converting trade debtors to cash / Compression of balance sheet / Reduction of reserve for bad debt / Improvement of ROA, RORA and EVA / Provides a source of funding for companies that may not qualify for traditional financial backing of its foreign receivables

Our Products Includes


Other than the above products, we also offer a suite of solutions in the below mentioned areas.

  • Front-to-back L/C
  • Pre-Export Finance
  • Government / ECA Structured Finance
  • Trade Syndication

* Available products depend on branch.

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