SMBC Green Deposit

SMBC’s Green Deposit is a product which provides customers with ESG/SDGs investment opportunities. Funds from the Green Deposits are used to finance environmentally beneficial projects such as renewable energy.

The Green Deposits will be allocated to eligible green projects based on the "SMBC Green Deposit Framework", which was established with the support of Sustainalytics. SMBC Group has a proven track record in project finance for renewable energy businesses such as solar power generation and wind power generation internationally, and SMBC strives to further contribute to the preservation and improvement of the global environment through Green Deposits and Project Finance.

SMBC Green Deposit Framework

SMBC has formulated its "SMBC Green Deposit Framework" with the support of Sustainalytics Japan Co., Ltd., the Japanese subsidiary of Sustainalytics (*1), a leading ESG ratings agency. All funds received as Green Deposits from customers are managed based on the "SMBC Green Deposit Framework".

  • (*1)Sustainalytics
    Sustainalytics is an independent research and rating agency with a global network specializing in Responsible / ESG investment. Headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Sustainalytics provides ESG-related data to more than 700 asset owners and asset managers.

Points to Note Regarding Green Deposits

  • Customers considering the placement of Green Deposits with SMBC should contact their main branch for a detailed explanation of Green Deposits and the latest terms and conditions. If a customer’s main branch is in Japan, the following page should be referred to:
  • If the total amount of Green Deposits accepted by SMBC reach a specific threshold stipulated by SMBC as set in its absolute discretion from time to time and which may not be made publicly available, the acceptance of further applications may be temporarily suspended.
  • Based on the “Green Deposit Framework”, SMBC will select eligible green assets to which Green Deposits will be applied.
  • A cap applies to the total amount of Green Deposits which may be accepted. Please note that a rollover may not be possible following maturity of a Green Deposit. Customers should contact their main transaction branch for further details.
  • If the balance of green assets falls below the total outstanding of Green Deposits, the Green Deposit will be treated as a normal “time deposit”. In this case, SMBC will promptly notify the affected customers.
  • Details recorded in bank books, documents, etc. will be the same as normal time deposits.
  • Automatic rollover is not available.

Annual Review

Sustainalytics confirms annualy that SMBC is properly allocating the proceeds raised from Green Deposits to the Eligible Green Projects outlined in the SMBC Green Deposit Framework.

List of Companies Utilizing Green Deposits

The following companies have utilized SMBC’s Green Deposit.
The information posted on this website may change or be deleted at SMBC’s discretion without prior notice.

From April 2021