Supporting Your Business in Japan

GCBD offers a vast array of financial services to support clients' business in Japan together with other SMBC Group companies who have leading positions in several financial areas.

SMBC will adopt a team concept to meet the clients various demands. The team will typically be comprised of relationship managers and product officers in Japan, Europe and Americas. We ensure the best communication among the world. The team will work together by keeping close contacts with the parent and its subsidiaries companies to provide best solution for client's business objectives in Japan.

Efficient CMS

Streamlining/Outsoursing Administrative Operation
- Payroll calculation Japan Office Engineering
- Accounts receivable reconciliation Sakura Information Systems
- Cash delivery/collection SMBC Delivery Service
- Expense settlement using credit card Sumitomo Mitsui Card
- Accounts receivable collection QUOQ

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Fund Raising

Other Services
- Foreign Exchange
- Investment
- Derivatives
- Services for Employees
- Trade Finance
- M&A and Other Investment Banking Services
- Lease Financing
- Timely Information

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