Supply Chain Finance

To mitigate payment risk and improve cash flow

We have our flagship web-based system platform to provide Supplier finance to multiple Suppliers of a Buyer collectively.

Supply Chain Finance
  1. Your company enters into sales & purchase contract with Supplier
  2. Your company enters into Payment Agreement with SMBC/SPC providing irrevocable, unconditional obligation to pay for its payables on maturity date.
  3. Your Supplier enters into Receivable Purchase Agreement with SMBC/SPC
  4. Your Supplier delivers goods and issues invoice.
  5. Your company uploads the invoice data and approves the same on the website. This invoice data can be viewed on the system by Suppliers from the next business day.
  6. Your Suppliers log-in to website and offer its receivable for sale to SMBC/SPC to obtain advance payment on date chosen by Supplier. The perfection procedure on this assignment will be completed as per relevant regulations.
  7. SMBC/SPC pays to your Suppliers net of discounting interest.
  8. Your company pays full invoice amount to SMBC on maturity date.
  • Extend your payment terms, Days Payable Outstanding (DPO)
  • Simplify your payment processing via SMBC
  • Provide liquidity to Suppliers at lower cost of funding based on your confirmed payables and your credit.
  • Potentially off-balance sheet for Suppliers (subject to certified accountants and auditors approval)
  • Help your Suppliers obviate the need for currency hedging
  • Reduce supply chain risk by injecting liquidity in supply chain.