February 24, 2000

Establishment of Consumer Loan Company

The Sakura Bank, Limited (Akishige Okada, President) hereby announces the outlines of a new consumer loan company, which the Bank has been preparing tying up with the Sumitomo Bank, Limited (Yoshifumi Nishikawa, President), am/pm Japan, Co., Limited (Yukiatsu Akisawa, President), Sanyo Shinpan Finance Co., Limited (Akio Shiiki, President) and Nippon Life Insurance Co. (Ikuo Uno, President).

The new consumer loan company aims at "establishing a loan business to individuals" based on the completely new concept, which will innovate existing consumer loan business in the Japanese banking sector.

Also, we would like to announce that it has reached an agreement for ATM tie-up with Sanyo Shinpan Finance Co., Limited, which is one of tie-up partners in the above-mentioned business.

1. Outlines of New Consumer Loan Company

(1) Name of Company Sakura Loan Partner, Limited (provisional)
(2) Capital \10 billion
(3) Shareholders Sakura Bank (60%), Sumitomo Bank (10%),am/pm Japan (10%), Sanyo Shinpan (10%) and Nippon Life Insurance Co. (10%)
(4) Head Office Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
(5) Line of Business Loan business to consumers, etc.
(6) Contents of Loan Products Small-size unsecured card loans (credit limit of approx. 100,000 to 500,000)
(7) Name of Service "@ Loan"
(8) Start of Business First-half of FY 2000 (scheduled)

2. ATM Tie-up with Sanyo Shinpan Finance Co., Limited

(1) We will tie up with Sanyo Shinpan Finance Co., Limited so that Sanyo's customers can utilize (withdrawals) at all ATM network of Sakura Bank.
(2) The tie-up is scheduled to start during the first-half of FY 2000 after the start of business of the new consumer loan company.