April 14, 2000

Establishment of Financial Complex Corner
in "Mediage", Urban-type Entertainment Facility

Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (Ken Iwaki, President) and the Sakura Bank, Ltd.
(Akishige Okada, President) announced to establish "S-gate", a financial complex corner, in "Mediage", which is an urban-type entertainment facility to be opened in Odaiba, Tokyo on April 21, 2000 (managed by Sony Urban Entertainment Incorporation).

Sony Life Insurance will install three personal computers and respond to consulting needs of customers for life insurance at this corner as its "service corner". Also, the Sakura Bank will install two ATMs and respond to financial needs of customers.

As already announced, Sakura has decided to make its capital participation in a new Net Bank which Sony Corporation plans to set up, and to cooperate for the establishment and management of the new Net Bank as a part of Sakura's strategic investment.

Sony Life Insurance and Sakura will also be responding to diversified financial needs of customers.