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Sakura Bank Expands ATMs Network in All Japan

1. Sakura Bank Starts the first 24 hour open ATMs in Convenience Stores in Kansai Area

Tokyo, April 24 2000

The Sakura Bank, Limited (Akishige Okada, president) and am/pm KINTETSU Co., Ltd. (Yukimitu Shimamura, president) will start the first 24 hour open ATMs in am/pm convenience stores in Kansai area. In Kansai area am/pm's ATMs are set at six convenience stores in Osaka City and are planned to expand at about 100 stores in June. The total number of am/pm's ATMs is 530 as of 28 April and is expected to 1,000 as of June. Sakura, merged with the Sumitomo Bank, Limited next April, forecasts the large number of users in Kansai area because both banks have large customer bases there.

Additionally Sakura has made the following functions available through ATMs since 14 April.

1. 24 hour operation of ATM
2. Cash transfer
3. Application for card loan
4. Request for information of loans
5. Request for information of credit cards
6. Open of deposit accounts
7. Change in ID number

2. Sakura Bank Starts the ATM in Convenience Stores in Kyushu

Tokyo, April 25 2000

The Sakura Bank, Limited (Akishige Okada, president), am/pm Japan Co., Ltd (Yukiatsu Akizawa, president) , JR Kyusyu Retail co., ltd. (Kikuo Miyanaga, president) and The Fukuoka City Bank, ltd. (Tsukasa Shishima, president) have reached an agreement to start ATM facilitated convenience store business.

The main points are 1)In Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka City Bank joins convenience store banking business operated by Sakura Bank and am/pm Japan. 2)In Fukuoka Prefecture Sakura Bank and Fukuoka City Bank set ATMs in am/pm stores operated by JR Kyushu Retail. 3)Sakura Bank and Fukuoka City Bank start the first ATM at am/pm Hakata Station branch and expand the number of ATMs.

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