News Release

July 26, 2000
The Sakura Bank, Limited

Launch of "E-net" ATM Service at Convenience Stores

We, the Sakura Bank, Limited (Akishige Okada, President) launch the "E-net" ATM service at convenience stores from July 27, 2000. The services that we provide are depositing, withdrawals, balance inquiries and cashing. Withdrawals and balance inquiries are available for 24 hours.

"E-net" has now ATMs at its 510 tie-up convenience stores (Familymart, Circle K, Sunkus, Ministop, 3F and Community Store) in Tokyo and 4 prefectures (Kanagawa, Chiba, Gifu and Okinawa). It will increase ATM-installed stores and expand them into other prefectures one after another in the future.

Further Strengthening the Bank's ATM Channel

In the convenience banking business, we began installing ATMs in am/pm's stores ("@ BANK") in March 1999 and have already installed them in its 949 stores in the Tokyo metropolitan area, the Kansai area and Fukuoka Prefecture.

The Bank's ATM channel will be further strengthened by an addition of the "E-net" ATM service at convenience stores which will be expanded nationwide. We are sure that a customer's convenience will improve rapidly.

Setting of ATM Charges and Charge Discount Campaign

Customers have to pay certain charges for their using "E-net" ATM services. As there is an increase at a stroke in sites where they can "make deposits" and "withdraw their deposits for 24 hours", however, we are sure that they can use them more conveniently.

For customers using our cash cards, we will hold the "Charge Discount Campaign" (i.e. charge discount of ¥105 per transaction) from July 27, 2000 to Oct 31, 2000.