News Release

July 27, 2000

Launch of @Loan by Sakura Loan Partner, Limited

The Sakura Loan Partner, Limited (Presidemt, Kunio Sato), subsidiary of the Sakura Bank, Limited, has launched small-sum, unsecured consumer loan business by brand name "@Loan". The outline of @Loan is the following. The company will provide consumer loan at reasonable interest rates to satisfy borrowers' changing lifestyles in a manner suited to their convenience and fast pace.

1. Application and issue of the card
Loan applications are accepted over a network of highly functional loan consultation terminals, named "@Loan Box", located in am/pm, a convenience store chain in Japan. They are also accepted over Internet, by telephone or facsimile, or through the mail. Applications are screened immediately. After the screening, loan cards used to borrow money are issued by the @Loan Box terminal in am/pm.

2. Method to borrow and repay

Loan cards can be used immediately to withdraw cash at the @B∧NK in am/pm and at any Sakura Bank ATM. Customers can repay loans at the @B∧NK in am/pm. The company tries to expand and refine the network including the collaboration with The Sumitomo Bank, Limited.

3. Outline of the product

The loan provided is available through a loan card and is a revolving credit facility with the limited amount from JPY100,000 to JPY 500,000. Interest rate is floating and is 15.375% annual on July 27, 2000. The rate can change in accordance with the market rate with the upper limit regulated by the law (18.0% on July 27, 2000).

Sakura Loan Partner, Limited.
Capital: \10 billion
Major Shareholders: The Sakura Bank, Ltd. (60%)
The Sumitomo Bank, Ltd. (10%)
am/pm Japan, Co., Ltd. (10%)
Nippon Life Insurance Co. (10%)
Sanyo SHINPAN Finance Co., Ltd. (10%)
Employees: Approximately 40
Launch: July 27, 2000
Number of @Loan Box Start from 30 mainly at downtown areas in Tokyo and will be increasing by installing at am/pm chain which has more than 1,000 stores in Japan