News Release

September 22, 2000

The Sakura Bank, Limited

Revision of Head Quarter Organization

  The Sakura Bank, Ltd. (Akishige Okada, President) will revise head quarter organization on October 1, 2000, as follows;

1. Intention
     In October 1999 Sakura Bank introduced Division Company (DC) system corresponding to the market segment in order to produce and offer valuable services suitable for the customers' needs more quickly and more flexibly. Each DC has promoted its speciality in each business field, accomplished quick decision-making and developed each strategy.
  The revision of this time is a partly reorganization of DC system with the intention of clarifying the market segment in order to offer much richer value-added banking services to customers, and to prepare for the merger with Sumitomo Bank.

2. Outline
(1) Reorganization of Commercial Banking DC
  Under the current system Commercial Banking DC consists of two groups, "Branch Banking Group" for one-to-one business and "Consumer Banking Group" for mass consumer business. By this revision it will be shifted to the organization by the market, "Corporate Banking Group" and "Consumer Banking Group". It means a shift from "organization by market and business" to "organization by market and customer (corporate or consumer)" in order to segment the targeted market more clearly and to strengthen the business.
(2) Reorganization of International & Corporate Banking DC
  Currently, international banking business and large corporate banking business is dealt by one DC for the purpose of promoting our business with Japanese corporate clients which develop their business globally. By this revision some part of the overseas banking fanctions will become independent in order to strengthen our business with non-Japanese clients and business related to overseas market, and to prepare for the merger with Sumitomo Bank.