News Release

October 16, 2000

The Japan Net Bank, Limited
The Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.

Tie-up Fund Settlement Service for Nomura Home Trade
by Japan Net Bank and Nomura Securities

  The Japan Net Bank, Ltd. (Yoshiyuki Miyai, President) and The Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. (Junichi Ujiie, President) jointly developed new fund settlement service on Nomura Home Trade, and will start the service from November 13, 2000 (plan).
  This tie-up on the new fund settlement service was realized by well-matched intentions of two companies. That is, Japan Net Bank aims at the de facto standard of net settlement as Japan's first Internet specialized bank. And Nomura Securities, with 350 thousand online trade accounts (the largest in Japan), aims at its further extension.
  Generally speaking, existing net securities trading services are not linked to fund settlement, or if linked, another contract for account transfer must be concluded. On the contrary, no additional contract is needed for this settlement service. That is, Nomura Home Trade's customers who have Japan Net Bank's ordinary deposit accounts can use this service instantly. By only a click customers can access Japan Net Bank directly from Nomura Home Trade at Internet and complete convenient fund transfer easily. Fund transfer charge for Nomura Home Trade is paid by Nomura Securities.