News Release
December 12th, 2000

GE Capital Japan
Sakura Bank

GE Capital Japan and Sakura Bank
Join Forces to Offer Business Loan to
Small-to-Mid Size Companies via the Web

GE Capital Japan (Chairman and CEO: Mark Norbom) and Sakura Bank (President: Akishige Okada) today announced an agreement to offer Sakura Bank's unsecured business loan known as the "Sakura Business Loan" to small-to-mid size companies using GE-KA Navi Web Service.(Senior Vice President, e-Business, Shiro Yahara;

"GE-KA Navi" commenced services in August this year, offering leasing, auto leasing, life insurance and shopping credit to small-to-mid size companies. Since then services have been expanded to include outplacement services, online sales of used PC and machine tool. The "Sakura Business Loan" is another example of GE's commitment to offer its customers a full spectrum of products and services - either through existing GE Businesses or with strong outside partners.

In October last year, as a part of its retail company strategies, Sakura Bank became the first City bank to develop and market an unsecured business loan, called the "Sakura Business Loan". The bank set up Business Support Plazas (BSPs), specializing in providing support to small-to-mid size companies, in 88 locations across Japan this October. The bank is also in the midst of developing a new type of Internet banking service to expand its current client base.

The tie-up with GE on Web-based services will enable management at small-to-mid size companies to obtain information on loans and leasing and to conduct simulations using different products on GE-KA Navi. By identifying the exact product to suit their own needs from the range of financial services made available on this site, management will now be able to build a comprehensive financial plan for their company.

"GE-KA Navi" and GE
Focusing on Internet and call center use, "GE-KA Navi" commenced services on August 23rd, offering financial services to small-to-mid size companies. "GE-KA Navi" uses the following three channels to provide company management in all sectors with financial services and support to small-to-mid size businesses: (1) a range of information utilizing the latest Web technologies at; (2) specialist call center staff who can answer clients' queries on the telephone and make arrangements for placement of field sales staff; and (3) around 1000 nation-wide field sales staff to consult with clients directly.

GE, a diversified enterprise engaging in production, technology development and services in many fields, operates its business across the globe in a variety of industries from power systems and aircraft engines to broadcasting. GE, with the famous inventor Thomas Edison as one of its founders, has been conducting business in Japan for over 100 years, since the Meiji era.

"Sakura Business Loan"
This loan, targeting small-to-mid size companies, was launched in October 1999. Instead of underwriting a loan application based on the specific company's risk profile, the bank analyzes the risk with the statistical method using the financial information of the company, and manages the total loan portofolio, judging the approval of the loan application. Thanks to the process, the entire credit underwriting process has been sped up, taking about three days in all. While existing clients of Sakura Bank have previously been offered this service, the bank will now offer this service to new clients as well.