News Release
February 13, 2001

Launch of Internet Settlement Service "Netdebit"

The Sakura Bank, Ltd. (Akishige Okada, President) starts to offer a service called "Netdebit," an immediate settlement system through bank account for the Internet, from February 13.

1. Outline of the service
    Applying the service, our customers become able to make payment for online shopping through their accounts immediately on the Internet.
2. Benefits for users
    ·No need to install exclusive software .
·Simple and seamless settlement procedure.
3. Benefits for Retailers
    ·No additional system burden.
·Enhanced processing efficiency.
4. Security
    ·Highly secure system with sending data encryption.
·Personal information, exclusive ID and password for this payment, is sent to the bank directly.
5. Participants
    Participants and companies under consideration are as follows;
·Curiocity Corp.
·Mitsui Direct General Insurance Co., Ltd.
·Mitsui Fining Net Co., Ltd.
·NTT Communications Corp.
·Sony Finance International, Inc.
·Sotec Co., Ltd.
·The Sumitomo Credit Service Co., Ltd.
and others

The Sumitomo Bank, Ltd. and The Japan Net Bank, Ltd. also adopted the system.

The service is now available with PC, and portable phone and digital TV are planned to be added.