WEB Reporting Service

On-line account monitoring service: With it, (1) you can monitor the transaction details of your JPY account with us 24 hours a day through the Internet, (2) you can retrieve your account statements (overdraft, Clearing Service Fees, etc.) and (3) the e-mail function will allow you to inquire on a specific transaction. Your inquiry will be replied directly by our customer service desk.

Our users of the self-explanatory Web Reporting Service benefit by having access to their real-time account movements and can obtain several balance types. The features of this service include:

  • No extra charge.
  • User friendly - requires no additional hardware nor software to start.
  • Facilitates reconciliation - matched and unmatched payments are easily located.
  • Downloadable statements in CSV format (Excel compatible).
  • Register multiple accounts to monitor and manage daily and future positions of the entire bank.
  • On screen, customer service support via e-mail.
  • Details of account statements can be referred.

To apply for this service, please contact your relationship manager for further information.