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Business Improvement Plan Submitted to FSA(2/2)




Measures to be Taken against Persons Responsible



1.       Executives (as of December 2005) ---- a reduction in monthly salary

Teisuke Kitayama, Chairman of the Board and Masayuki Oku, President                                                                                                           ---          a 40% cut for six months

Three deputy presidents                                     ---          a 30% cut for three months

Ten other members of Management Committee  ---          a 10% - 20% cut for three months

Nine other involved executive officers, etc.        ---          a 5% - 10% cut for three months

The persons who had already resigned when the orders were issued by the FSA will pay back the same amounts.


2.       Employees

The general managers of the head-office departments and the Corporate Business Offices, who are responsible for the violations, will be strictly reprimanded in accordance with concerned internal rules.


Further, the below retired directors will be requested to pay back the followings:

Akishige Okada, the former Chairman of the Board and Yoshifumi Nishikawa, the former President and CEO                                                  ---          50% of the monthly salary for six months

Michiyoshi Kuriyama and Toichiro Mizushima, the former Deputy Presidents (*)

                                                                ---          30% of the monthly salary for six months


(*)They held the positions of Head of Middle Market Banking Unit after the fiscal year 2001.



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