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Opening of Suzhou Industrial Park Sub-Branch in PRC(1/1)

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation



Opening of Suzhou Industrial Park Sub-Branch in PRC

Opening of Suzhou Industrial Park Sub-Branch in PRC





TOKYO, April 26, 2007 --- Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC, President: Masayuki Oku) announced that its Suzhou Industrial Park Sub-Branch in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, the Peoplefs Republic of China (PRC), commenced business today as a part of its efforts to further strengthen its office network in mainland China.


Suzhou Industrial Park Sub-Branch is the first sub-branch among Japanese banks in the Jiangsu Province . The sub-branch is the latest step in SMBCfs ongoing effort to further satisfy the needs of its foreign and local customers since becoming the first foreign bank to open a branchin Suzhou City in 1997.  With the sub-branch, its network has expanded to four business offices, including the Shanghai Branch, Suzhou Branch and Hangzhou Branch, in the Yangtze River Delta (YRD) region – a network coverage that is wider than those of other Japanese banks. SMBC intends to leverage this full network to further improve services to its customers in the YRD region.


For SMBC, China is one of its most important markets in the world. Aiming to furtherenhance and speed up its services in the country, it established gChina Divisionh as one of its overseas divisions in December 2006, and opened Tianjin Binhai Sub-Branch in March 2007. SMBCfs goal is to effectively serve its customers in China and this full network of offices in Mainland China , eleven offices including the newly-opened Suzhou Industrial Park Sub-Branch, is a key initiative for achieving this goal.



Profile of Suzhou Industrial Park Sub-Branch

Registered Name

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, 

Suzhou Industrial Park Sub-Branch


16F International Building , No.2, Suhua Road , Suzhou Industrial Park , Jiangsu Province PRC

General Manager

Ms.Tan JingHua


TEL: 86-(512)-6288-5018 FAX: 86-(512)-6288-5028


Outline of Suzhou City and Suzhou Industrial Park

Suzhou City , located in the Jiangsu Province , is a prosperous city with foreign direct investment exceeding that of Shanghai and many foreign companies, including 1,800 Japanese companies, doing business there. Today, Suzhou City , together with Shanghai ,occupies an important position in the YRD regionfs manufacturing industry.The "Suzhou Industrial Park", where SMBC sub-branch is located, is in the eastern part of Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province and expected to grow further as a cooperative project between the Chinese and Singapore government and the only international state-level development district in China. 


SMBCfs office network in mainland China

Branch:                  Shanghai , Tianjin , Suzhou , Hangzhou and Guangzhou

Sub-Branch:                 Suzhou Industrial Park , and Tianjin Binhai

Representative Office:        Beijing , Shenyang , Dalian and Chongqing

Total:                                  Eleven offices

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