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Opening of SMBCCN Dalian Branch(1/1)

April 1, 2016

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation


Opening of SMBCCN Dalian Branch



Tokyo, April 1, 2016--- Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (gSMBCh, President and CEO: Takeshi Kunibe) announced today that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (China) Limited (gSMBCCNh, President: Toshiyuki Tatsuta), has opened a branch in Dalian City, Liaoning Province, the Peoplefs Republic of China. The opening of Dalian Branch is part of SMBCCNfs efforts to further strengthen its office network in mainland China.


Dalian is located in Northeast China and the region is expected to enjoy continued economic growth under the Chinese governmentfs efforts to stimulate its economy. As the doorstep to Northeast China, Dalian has been achieving remarkable economic development and growth under the Chinese governmentfs market-opening reform policy, and many companies from all over the world, including Japan, have established operations in the city.


East Asia is one of SMBCfs most important overseas markets, and it is implementing various initiatives to strengthen the services and products available to clients in the region. The establishment of Dalian Branch will expand SMBCCNfs network of offices in mainland China to ten branches (including Shanghai Head Office) and six sub-branches. SMBC and SMBCCN will leverage this expanded network to better serve new and existing clients.















(Profile of Dalian Branch)


Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (China) Limited Dalian Branch


Senmao Building 4F-A, 147 Zhongshan Road, Xigang District, Dalian 116011, The Peoplefs Republic of China


Deposits, Loans, Trade Finance, Domestic Remittances, Overseas Remittances, Bonds, Foreign Exchange (excluding cash exchange)


Mr. Tatsunori Kimijima

Tel & Fax

Tel : 86-(411)-3905-8500  Fax : 86-(411)-3905-8599

(*) There may be regulatory restrictions on services. Please direct inquiries to the person in charge of Dalian Branch.


SMBCCNfs office network in mainland China

Head Office:     Shanghai

Branches:       Beijing, Tianjin, Suzhou, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Shenyang,

@@@@@@@ Shenzhen, Chongqing and Dalian

Sub-Branches:   Suzhou Industrial Park, Tianjin Binhai, Shanghai Puxi, Changshu

@@@@@@@ Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone and Kunshan

Total:          Sixteen Offices


SMBCfs office network in mainland China

Representative Office: Dalian

(*) Dalian Representative Office is scheduled to close.

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