Service Description

Basic Services

Payment Instructions

Your payment instructions that are sent to SMBC by SWIFT MT1XX - MT2XX are processed promptly and accurately by Straight Through Processing (STP) or by our well-trained and highly experienced operational staffs. Fund transfers are executed through FXYCS and at the same time your account is debited with the transferred amount. To facilitate the processing of an enormous volume of Yen, SMBC has a direct link to the Bank of Japan's Central Processing Unit (CPU), the core unit of the FXYCS.

Cut-off Time for Same Day Value Transactions

Commercial Payments (MT103) 13:30 JST
Inter-bank Payments (MT202) 14:00 JST
  • *Requests received after cut-off time are processed on a "best effort" basis.

SMBC Provides a Wide Range of Services for Yen Clearing and Settlement.

Reporting Service

Various account reporting services through SWIFT

WEB Reporting Service

Real time account monitoring through our website

Continuous Linked Settlement (CLS™)

Various account reporting services through SWIFT