Creating a more sustainable future for you and the next generation

At SMBC, we strive to be a Bridge to the Future.

For more than 400 years, sustainability has been fundamental to our business operations, and to this day it remains the foundation of our management at SMBC Group. We aim for a society in which everyone can enjoy economic prosperity and well-being, aligning our activities also with the key Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set forth by the United Nations.

Our priorities include:

We contribute to the realization of a sustainable planet by helping the environment through our promotion of environmental businesses and the provision of financial services that would overall reduce environmental risk and impact.

We create a more empowering future for future generations, through our support for growth industries and in emerging countries, as well as promoting financial literacy and skills development in developing countries.

As a global bank with a strong network and the power to influence, we tap on our business activities to enable societal development and create safe and secure communities that promote social inclusion. We also contribute to the reconstruction of the communities affected by natural disasters and crises.


SMBC Group defines sustainability as “creating a society in which today’s generation can enjoy economic prosperity and well-being, and pass it on to future generations.”

As a Group, we established “SMBC Group GREEN×GLOBE 2030” – a plan with a view towards 2030 and that is based upon our Sustainability Statement – to create the future of the earth and humanity with our customers.

With the plan in place, SMBC Group aims for a JPY 10 trillion (or USD 90 billion) Green Finance portfolio and will seek to bring down related greenhouse gas emissions by 30%. Explore further here.


Together with You Fund:
Crisis Relief Efforts

In light of the unprecedented challenges brought about by the global crisis, SMBC has committed ourselves to help our communities tide through the hard times with up to 1.7 million USD in donations regionally, to support people and businesses during the pandemic.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As we continue to seek growth in Asia with Asia, SMBC cares and is passionate about contributing to the resolution of environmental and social issues in these communities and around the world.

We work actively with Partner Associations to:

  • enable social welfare,
  • support work in the fields of health and medical science, sports, education. culture and arts, as well as
  • provide disaster recovery assistance.

Some of our spotlight initiatives include the “Transformation of a tribal village: Clean Drinking Water Project” in India and Reforestation work in Indonesia.


Through our business as a Financial Institution, we engage and act together with customers and other stakeholders to contribute to the global transformation into a better society.

Notably, SMBC is a market leader in Sustainable & Green Finance. As an early adopter of green bonds since 2015, we provide active support to clients in raising ESG Finance in the loan and bond markets. Explore further here.

Technology & Innovation

We innovate solutions that answer to the evolving needs of the people around us to enable more efficient banking, inclusive access and sustainable lives – in meaningful ways without losing the human touch. Explore further here.

Key projects & milestones: