Breaking boundaries. Lifting communities.
Laying the foundations for a brighter future.

As one of the most respected financial institutions in the energy and infrastructure sectors, SMBC's reach around the world makes projects happen. We engage and act together with our customers and other stakeholders to contribute to the global transformation into a better society – taking care of the environment, communities we operate in, as well as the next generation.

Leading Bank for Renewables in Asia Pacific region

SMBC sits within Top 5 on Dealogic's League Table as Lead Bank for both ESG-linked and Green Loans Volume in FY2019. The Bank has consistently received industry recognition for our sustainable financing projects, having been awarded Deal of the Year for multiple deals in renewable sector, including:

Our capabilities and a strong track record

SMBC provides active support to our clients in raising Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) finance in the loan and bond markets. The Bank is also an early adopter in the arena, having funded itself regularly with green bonds since 2015.

Project Finance
Project financing mainly for renewable energy related projects

Property Finance
Financing linked to real estates that are certified as sustainable

Green / ESG Bond *
Issuing a Green / Sustainability Bonds attracts significant public attention and recognition for an innovative approach towards sustainability
Social Loans
Loan proceeds are made available exclusively to finance specific eligible "Social Projects" specified in the Company’s Social/Sustainability Financing Framework, a corporate policy document.
Green Loans
Loan proceeds are made available exclusively to finance specific eligible "Green Projects" specified in the Company’s Green/Sustainability Financing Framework, a corporate policy document.
Environmental Assessment Loans ("EAL")
General corporate purpose loans, requiring environmental assessment of the Borrower by E&Y

Sustainability-Linked Loans ("SLLs")
General corporate purpose loans, linked to the Sustainability Performance Target ("SPT") – a quantifiable ESG-related KPI, of the Borrower
* Green Bonds are provided by SMBC Group company affiliate, SMBC Nikko


SMBC Group defines sustainability as "creating a society in which today’s generation can enjoy economic prosperity and well-being, and pass it on to future generations."

As a Group, we established "SMBC Group GREEN×GLOBE 2030" – a plan with a view towards 2030 and that is based upon our Sustainability Statement – to create the future of the earth and humanity with our customers. As Team SMBC, we aim to build a JPY 10 trillion (or USD 90 billion) Green Finance portfolio and will seek to bring down related greenhouse gas emissions by 30%.

As one of Founding Partners of the Singapore Green Finance Centre (SGFC), SMBC seeks to support SGFC’s multi-disciplinary research and training to enable financial institutions, corporates and policymakers to:

  • better manage environmental risks,
  • develop financial solutions to promote environmental sustainability, and
  • design policies for a sustainable future.

The institute will develop green finance capabilities to serve the growing needs of Singapore and the rest of Asia Pacific.