Custody & Securities Services

One stop shop for your custody requirements

SMBC provides sophisticated custody, clearing and settlement, collateral management, BOJ (Bank of Japan) cash clearing in regard to securities clearing and settlement, issuing and paying agent services to foreign investors both inside and outside of Japan.

Our Services

  • Yen Custody Services
  • Clearing and Settlement Services
  • Collateral Management
  • Issuing and Paying Agent

Yen Custody Services

SMBC provides a wide range of custody services based on a highly advanced platform. To deliver the best services to you, we are continuously investing in enhancements to meet our client's needs.

Clearing and Settlement service

SMBC provides Clearing and Settlement Services to process large volume of transactions.

Collateral Management

SMBC provides collateral management services through the dematerialized environment. These include:

  • Management of pledgee's rights
  • Management of shareholder's rights for pledger, etc.

Issuing and Paying Agent

SMBC is a leading provider of services to Samurai bond issuers, with our abundant experience and know-how cultivated in the domestic corporate bond market. With over 90 years of experience in providing agency service in the domestic corporate bond market, we have been actively supporting the Samurai bond market for more than 30 years.


Please note that we are unable to quote custody fees without first understanding the asset size, the number of transactions and other information related to a prospective customer. (Extra charges may be applied.)

Calculation example is as follows:

<calculation example>
In case of monthly payment
   monthly safe keeping fee:
<daily average balance of the month>×<safe keeping fee rate>
   monthly transaction fee:
<total number of transactions >×<transaction fee rate>