Integrated working capital solutions

With a deeply rooted presence in Asia Pacific, SMBC provides a comprehensive suite of Cash Management and Trade Finance services to address the working capital needs of corporations.

Cash Management

Our Value Proposition

  • Regional and in-country cash management specialists across Asia Pacific providing local advisory and sharing best practices
  • Access to high value and low value clearing systems
  • Comprehensive network coverage  to support your needs
    • Over 32 offices in Asia ex-Japan complemented by alliances with local banks
    • Over 400 SMBC branches in Japan
    • Experience in emerging markets with new branches in Myanmar and the Philippines, and representative offices in Cambodia and Mongolia
  • Ability to support statutory, tax, custom, utilities and payroll payments

Our Products & Services


SMBC's delivery channel services offer you visibility and control. You can send payments and receive information reporting securely through SMAR&TS, Host-to-Host Service and SWIFT for Corporates.

Online Banking and Information Reporting

Perform banking transactions conveniently from any location through SMAR&TS - SMBC’s corporate online banking portal. Through SMAR&TS, you will be able to manage your cash and make real-time business decisions seamlessly and securely from virtually any location.

Host-to-Host Service

Leverage our Host-to-Host Service to connect seamlessly to SMBC from your Enterprise Resource Planning system within a secure environment.

SWIFT for Corporates

Enables you to send payment instructions (via FIN and FileAct) and receive bank reports from SMBC.

SMBC is the first bank headquartered in Asia to attain SWIFT Bank Readiness Certification across Asia Pacific. We are also a member of CGI (Common Global Implementation) which sets and defines the XML file messaging standards.



Initiate single or bulk payments through our suite of delivery channels. As a member of an extensive domestic and cross-border clearing network, SMBC is able to route your payment obligations in a cost effective, timely and convenient manner.

Cross-border Payments/ Telegraphic Transfer

High-value foreign currency payments to beneficiaries globally.

Domestic Payments

We can support your business for both

  • High-value and time-sensitive local currency payments
  • Low-value and voluminous payments (eg. vendor payments, staff payroll)
Cheque Printing Service

Print your cheques in an easy and convenient manner using SMBC’s Onsite Cheque Printing Service. This service allows you to print the cheques at your office, keep records of all the printed cheques as well as monitor the status of each cheque – whether it has been presented and cleared by the Clearing House.

Alternatively, you can outsource the cheque issuance to SMBC and free up valuable company resources to focus on your core business.

Other Valued Services

In countries where domestic withholding taxes are imposed on local payments, you may outsource the preparation of withholding tax certificates to SMBC.

Additionally, you may request SMBC to send payment advices to your beneficiaries through e-mail.

Reduce the hassle of collecting funds from your business partners by using our wide range of collection services. In addition to being a direct clearing member of the local clearing systems, SMBC is connected to an extensive clearing network through our alliance banking partners. We will be able to support your collection requirements regardless of how your business partner chooses to pay you.
Electronic Funds Transfers

You can receive both foreign currency and local currency payments through SMBC’s cross- border and local clearing network.

Direct Debit

With our direct debit service, you will be able to initiate collection of funds electronically. This is especially useful when you have recurring customer payments.

Over-the-counter Deposits

Leveraging SMBC’s branches complemented by our alliance banking partners’ wide branch network, you can visit a local branch conveniently located near you to make a deposit into your account with SMBC.

Virtual Account Services

SMBC’s virtual account service allows you to manage large volume of receivables through easy identification and reconciliation of payments from your payers. Unique virtual account numbers assigned by you to your payers will be captured and printed in your account statements.

Our liquidity management solutions addresses your company needs to improve account visibility, control, and maximise liquidity, taking into consideration the diverse regulatory framework across Asia.
Cash Concentration

Cash Concentration optimises your group cash balances by moving funds ("physical sweep") automatically to a header account. You may choose between zero balance or desired target balance on each of your member accounts. With Cash Concentration, you will be able to earn higher yields by investing the excess liquidity, and reduce interest expense by offsetting debit and credit balances.

Reports are available through SMAR&TS to track your account balances and intercompany loans.

Notional Pooling

Notional Pooling optimises your group cash balances by notionally offsetting debit and credit positions, in order to earn higher yields and reduce interest costs. There is no physical movement of funds, thus preserving the autonomy of each of your member accounts.

Reports are also available through SMAR&TS to track your Notional Pooling interest allocation.

SMAR&TS Treasury

Our propriety Treasury management system is a multi-bank platform which provides a complete overview of all your banking transactions and balances with SMBC and other banks.

Through SMAR&TS Treasury, you can also generate cash flow forecast reports and easy-to-use charts and graphs. Based on the data and forecast generated, SMAR&TS Treasury supports timely and optimal strategic planning as well as streamlining of your company's treasury operations.


Trade Finance

SMBC has deep expertise in delivering and executing trade finance deals across the world through our global network. With a specialisation in bespoke financing structures, our experienced professionals help our clients achieve their liquidity needs, mitigate risk and meet financial goals.

At SMBC, we are continuously creating new and innovative ways to serve our clients.

Our Products & Services


Gain control over your trades and improve your cash flow with our export trade financing offerings. With our wide international network and in-house trade finance specialists, you can be rest assured that your trade financing needs are taken care of.

Letter of Credit Advising

Benefit from our wide international network to verify and advise your Letter of Credit, giving you peace of mind of its authenticity.

Letter of Credit Negotiation

You can be rest assured that your export documents are checked by our experienced trade finance specialists and sent to the LC Issuing Bank.

Letter of Credit Confirmation (Silent or Open)

Secure yourself against the country, political and credit risk of the LC Issuing Bank with our LC Confirmation. We give you our payment undertaking when the documents presented fulfill the terms and conditions of the LC.

Export Documentary Collection (DA/DP)

Channel your export documents through us, and we will assist you to collect the payment from your buyers. Your export documents are released to the buyer only upon payment (Document against Payment / DP) or acceptance of Bills of Exchange (Document against Acceptance / DA).

Letter of Credit Discounting / DA Discounting

Improve your cash flow and working capital when we discount your export bills under LC or Documentary Collection.

Letter of Credit Transfer

Transfer the LC that you receive from your buyer to your seller, and facilitate your trades without the need of credit facilities.


Whether it is to manage your risks in international trades or optimise your working capital, we are ready to support you with our comprehensive import solutions.

Import Letter of Credit Issuance

Our Letter of Credit gives your suppliers a sound payment assurance, and you can be confident that payment will not be made until the documents evidencing the delivery of the goods are received and checked to fulfill the conditions you set in the Letter of Credit.

Import Documentary Collection (DA/DP)

Facilitate your trades and payment to your suppliers when they send their shipping documents to us.

Trust Receipt

Improve your working capital with this import financing solution when you need to pay your suppliers under the Letter of Credit or Documentary Collection.

Shipping Guarantee

Collect your goods expediently and avoid demurrage charges with our Shipping Guarantee.


Take advantage of our open account solutions to better manage your working capital. With our international expertise, we tailor our solutions based on your business needs.

Account Receivables Purchase / Factoring

Purchasing trade receivables of a Seller arising from Open Account transactions.

Supplier Finance

Discounting Seller’s receivables at the back of the payment commitment of a Buyer.

Import / Export Finance

Enjoy flexibility in your financing to help you bridge payables and receivables, thus letting you manage your working capital better.

Buyers Credit (Applicable to India)

Short to medium term import financing provided to a Buyer (Importer) to fund its purchase of goods from abroad in foreign currency.


Confidence is important in conducting international trade. With our good credit rating, you can rely on our guarantees to establish the confidence you need in your business relationships.

Payment Guarantee

Enjoy peace of mind as we give you our payment undertaking and cover you from your buyer’s non-payment risks.

Standby Letter of Credit / Bank Guarantee

Give your counterparty the assurance needed with our Standby Letter of Credit / Bank Guarantee. Our guarantees can be issued for bids, advance payment, performance, retention and warranty bonds.

Two Step Bond or Counter Guarantee

Undertaking issued at the back of a counter-guarantee of an accredited bank. Similarly, issuance of a counter-guarantee in favour of a fronting guarantor bank for the account of a corporate client.

Electronic Banker's Guarantee (eBG) Programme in Singapore

SMBC is a participating bank of the Electronic Banker's Guarantee (eBG) Programme offered by Singapore Customs. SMBC will submit your banker's guarantee (BG) data electronically through Singapore's Networked Trade Platform to Singapore Customs, facilitating a more efficient lodgement process.


  • Saves the cost of courier and time taken to collect and deliver the banker's guarantee to Singapore Customs
  • Improves efficiency as you will receive an email notification from Singapore Customs on the status of the lodgment

How eBG works:

Networked Trade Platform in Singapore

SMBC is a participating bank of the Networked Trade Platform ("NTP") managed by Singapore Customs.

Through NTP, you can access a range of Value-Added Services including the Trade Finance Application Portal (“TFAP”) to submit your trade applications digitally to SMBC.

Trade products available on TFAP include Import Letter of Credit, Import Bill Collection, Import Settlement, Import Bill under Letter of Credit, Banker's Guarantee, Shipping Guarantee, Standby Letter of Credit, Export Bill under LC Negotiation, Invoice Financing and Accounts Receivables Financing

  • Improves efficiency through a paperless application process
  • Unified workflow with online tracking and reporting on the status of your trade transactions

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