Yen Clearing

Delivering efficiently to your needs

SMBC is committed to providing fast and accurate Japanese Yen clearing services to FIs, as one of the most competitive banks in the industry. SMBC is an active participant in industry organisations such as SWIFT, CLS and a direct member of all clearing systems in Japan.

Our service strength

  • Large domestic presence with a large customer base including Mitsui Group and Sumitomo Group Corporates
  • Highly dedicated English speaking staff
  • We continuously invest in operational systems to deliver superior service
  • Direct member of all clearing systems in Japan, such as BOJ Net, Foreign Exchange Yen Clearing System (FXYCS) and Zengin System
  • One of the major Yen clearers of the FXYCS
  • Highly reputed Business Continuity Plan


Payment Instructions

SMBC can provide fast, reliable and accurate handling of SWIFT instruction through our tried and test platform. Our direct relationships with major clearing networks ensure that we are able to handle large volume of Japanese Yen.

Continuous Linked Settlement (CLS™)

Our bank is a Settlement Member of CLS. We provide comprehensive, reliable and flexible Yen Nostro Agent Service. For non-CLS settlement members, SMBC can furnish our valued customers with CLS third party solutions, which are tailored to their individual needs.

SWIFT and Web Reporting Service

SMBC can provide reporting by SWIFT Message or via our Web Reporting service. Customers can have access to their real-time account movements and can obtain several balance types.

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Contact point

If you have any questions, please feel free to send a SWIFT Message to this SWIFT BIC Address (SWIFT BIC:SMBCJPJT) or contact our friendly relationship managers.